Why Choose USK?

USK Markets was the first company to offer online investments in margins such as foreign exchange, futures, equities and indices. Specialized in providing telephone transactions and online transactions for individuals or institutions. USK Markets was established in the UK to provide margin trading on online forex, futures, stocks and indices. The separation of client funds and working capital is protected by insurance companies. USK Markets is a pioneer in online trading. The online trading software is the most complete, high-speed and stable in the industry, with language platforms in more than ten countries including English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and African.

Stable trading platform

Millisecond trading speed, stable security, guaranteed top trading experience.

Top liquidity provider

Enjoy the deep-seated agency level foreign exchange flow quotation.

Money safe

Customer funds are completely isolated from the group's own operating funds.

Conflict of interest

Real STP/ECN execution, no trader intervention.

Convenient payment

Mobile payment convenient, quick access to gold efficient, safe, safe.

One-on-one customer service.

Provides traders with a global weekly customer service of 5/24.


MT4 is an excellent real-time trading platform. It includes brief, flexible, stable and specific dynamic pricing analysis. Meanwhile, it could set different technical index and use smart trading system. Its perfect and practical function can satisfy different kinds of traders. In addition, it is a widespread trading platform used in futures, crude oil and CFD market.


It’s free to open a trading account, with just a few mouse clicks.

01 Apply online

Click "open real account" to fill out the application information online.

02 To disclose the information

Upload identification and bank information.

03 approved

After the approval, the account information will be automatically sent to the email address when you register.

04 Start trading in gold

Online deposit is made through the account deposits in the management system.

Trading Account

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