Baiksia Management LTD is an international investment service provider, is committed to global institutional and retail customers with risk control and pass on scheme, such as the international spot and futures contracts for differences and integration of the global transaction services. In order to meet the needs of more retail customers, silver Asia international, with its senior international financial derivatives operation experience, for the global retail customers as well as the international financial institutions to provide the best quality of spot and futures products.
Baiksia operates under a strict regulatory environment, providing highly transparent and safe professional services to customers and partners. Silver international has been in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, China and other places set up service institutions, business all over the world, with more than 11 countries financial investment institutions established long-term relations of cooperation, we are committed to creating a fair and transparent, stable and safe trading platform, to provide convenient, advanced and high quality service, perfect financial derivatives. We are committed to developing our proprietary trading platform and investing a lot of resources to improve our trading system. In addition, the company's most valuable asset and we are proud of is the outstanding international team, they have rich experience in market and financial qualifications, allow us to use their professional knowledge to provide excellent service for customers and partners.

Our advantages

International Group

USK is designed to do business around the world and provide great service to every client

Transparent and fair

You will receive what we promise and there is no concealment clause, regardless of the size of investment.

Funds safety

All the client funds are deposited in the AA-level international bank of the world.Customers’ funds are isolated with the working capital.

Convenient and rapid

All of our systems are built on a customer-centric principle. For example, our account opening procedures, deposit and withdrawal, and transactions, which are very easy for clients to trade.

Stable trading platform

Millisecond transaction speed, stable and safe, and you can trade fast and easily on our strong MT4 trading platform.

Competitive spreads

Ample liquidity and depth of the market get favorable quotes and high-quality trading experience for customers.