Fund Security

Fund Security

USK Markets Group Ltd serves more than 10,000 customers in many countries around the world. We always abide by the supervision, attach great importance to the safety of customers' funds, and put the protection of customers and their investment in the first place. We are committed to creating a safe and reliable trading environment for all our customers.

    USK Markets Group Ltd is a trading brand regulated by the Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission (FSC) and strictly complies with all FSC regulatory requirements. We provide the highest level of security for all of our client funds and store them in the world's leading bank independent accounts.

    In compliance with FSC's regulatory requirements, USK Markets Group Ltd's retail client funds are deposited in separate bank accounts and stored separately from the company's fund accounts. These funds cannot be used for other creditors, nor can they be used as a company's daily operating expenses. This will ensure that all retail client funds receive the necessary protection in the rare case of insolvency.

    USK Markets Group Ltd uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) network security protocol to provide security for data communication between the company and its customers. It protects customers when they conduct transactions through the company and ensures the privacy of all customer information. .

    1 User identity and server authentication policy to ensure that data is sent to the correct client and server;

    2 Encryption during data transmission to prevent data from being stolen in the middle and unauthorized use by third parties;

    3 Maintain data integrity and ensure that data is not altered during transmission.

    Financially sound, transparent information

    USK Markets Group Ltd is committed to providing full transparency. We meet strict financial standards and report to our regulatory authorities on a regular basis as required.

Our advantages

International Group

USK is designed to do business around the world and provide great service to every client

Transparent and fair

You will receive what we promise and there is no concealment clause, regardless of the size of investment.

Funds safety

All the client funds are deposited in the AA-level international bank of the world.Customers’ funds are isolated with the working capital.

Convenient and rapid

All of our systems are built on a customer-centric principle. For example, our account opening procedures, deposit and withdrawal, and transactions, which are very easy for clients to trade.

Stable trading platform

Millisecond transaction speed, stable and safe, and you can trade fast and easily on our strong MT4 trading platform.

Competitive spreads

Ample liquidity and depth of the market get favorable quotes and high-quality trading experience for customers.